Where to Farm in Destiny 2: Farming Guide (2023)

Figuring out where to farm in Destiny 2 is often an annoying process. From finishing catalyst quests to bounty farming, this guide will cover the best ways to farm a wide variety of enemy types and objectives. We’ll also do a roundup of more specific enemies you may want to farm in Destiny 2.

Let’s get started!

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Where to Farm Taken

Where to Farm in Destiny 2: Farming Guide (1)
  • Thrallway checkpoint (Shattered Throne dungeon)
  • Shuro Chi checkpoint (Last Wish raid, accessible through Wish Wall)
  • The Corrupted (strike)
  • Dares of Eternity (during Taken weeks)
  • Dreaming City (planet, free roam)

You have quite a few great options for where to farm Taken in Destiny 2. In fact, I’d say that the Taken are the easiest enemy type to farm. If you’re going for maximum efficiency, then the Thrallway checkpoint from the Shattered Throne dungeon is your best bet. This checkpoint is well-known amongst Destiny 2 players — not only is it the best place to farm Taken, it’s also the best overall farming location if you need to kill lots of enemies fast.

The downside, however, is that you have to play through some of Shattered Throne to get to it. If you don’t want to do that, then the Shuro Chi encounter in the Last Wish raid offers a great farming place and is accessible from the Wish Wall, so you don’t even have to make progress first.

Outside of those encounters, you could also just run the Corrupted strike, play Dares of Eternity during weeks when Taken is in the rotation, or roam the Dreaming City looking for ad-spawns.

Where to Farm Cabal

Where to Farm in Destiny 2: Farming Guide (2)
  • Proving Grounds (strike)
  • Nessus (planet, free roam)
  • Dares of Eternity (during Cabal weeks)

Cabal are not the easiest enemies to track down, which makes sense given their story at the moment. However, there are still some easy ways to find Cabal to farm. The Proving Grounds strike is the best place to farm Cabal at the moment, as it’s easily repeatable, not difficult (on low difficulty, at least), and features seemingly endless waves of Cabal.

Doing this strike on higher difficulties can be very challenging, though. If your only goal is to farm ad kills, I’d stick with the easiest difficulty.

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If Proving Grounds isn’t your thing, you could also roam Nessus and participate in activities there or do lost sectors. Dares of Eternity also offers good Cabal farming during certain weeks.

Where to Farm Hive

Where to Farm in Destiny 2: Farming Guide (3)
  • Altars of Sorrow (public event on the Moon)
  • Moon (planet, free roam)
  • Dares of Eternity (during Hive weeks)

The Hive are a pretty common presence in Destiny 2, so it isn’t hard to find a good farming spot. The best by far is Altars of Sorrow on the Moon. This activity requires Guardians to progress through a series of challenges, all of which involve killing mass amounts of Hive. One or two runs of Altars is usually enough to finish up any bounties involving Hive, and it’s also great for catalyst completions due to the abundance of ammo spawns.

Other than Altars of Sorrow, you could also venture off to other places on the Moon to get a great amount of farming done. As with the others, Dares of Eternity is also an option.

Where to Farm Scorn

Where to Farm in Destiny 2: Farming Guide (4)
  • The Throne World (planet, free roam)
  • Birthplace of Vile (strike)

Scorn can be one of the more annoying enemies to farm, but thanks to The Witch Queen, we have some solid new places to farm them. The best place to farm Scorn is either on the Throne World or in the Birthplace of Vile strike.

Personally, I’ve had the most luck roaming the Throne World for my Scorn kills, but that can be a bit annoying at times. If you’re looking for something you can mindlessly run through for bounty completions without having to find the enemies you’re looking for, Birthplace would probably be better.

Strangely enough, Dares of Eternity does not feature a Scorn week, so that’s not an option here. Why Bungie chose to include every other enemy type but not Scorn is a mystery, but it’s really unfortunate.

Where to Farm Fallen

Where to Farm in Destiny 2: Farming Guide (5)
  • Fallen S.A.B.E.R. (strike)
  • EDZ (planet, free roam)
  • Dares of Eternity (during Fallen weeks)

Fallen are an extremely common enemy type in Destiny 2, so they aren’t too hard to find. Doing pretty much anything on the EDZ will likely lead you to groups of Fallen, or you could do strikes. There are a ton of strikes featuring Fallen, but the best for farming is the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. strike. At the start of this strike, there is an objective to protect a fallen warsat.

As you do this, massive waves of Fallen will spawn and rush you. This is the perfect opportunity to chain Fallen kills, and if you do it at higher difficulties the objective will take even longer, thus causing more Fallen to spawn. (Do be careful, though, because this part of the strike can be really difficult at high levels.)


Dares of Eternity also remains a possibility for farming Fallen, as do general activities such as lost sectors and public events, especially on the EDZ.

Where to Farm Vex

Where to Farm in Destiny 2: Farming Guide (6)
  • Perdition (lost sector on Europa)
  • Vault of Glass (raid)
  • Dares of Eternity (during Vex weeks)

There are a decent amount of places to farm Vex, but the easiest and quickest is the Perdition lost sector on Europa. This is a relatively short lost sector packed with Vex enemies. You could run this lost sector over and over again and have an effectively infinite source of Vex to farm. It’s also not too difficult on Master/Legend difficulty, so you could also farm Exotics while you’re at it during those weeks.

If you don’t want to farm lost sectors all day, you do have other options. Dares of Eternity provides lots of Vex enemies some weeks, and the Vault of Glass (VoG) raid is all about Vex. The introductory encounter (Opening the Vault) of VoG has great potential for farming if you don’t wanna play through the whole raid.

Farming Round-Up

This roundup section features a few extra farming locations, getting into more specifics than simply enemy types.

Where to Farm Kills in Destiny 2

The best overall kill farming location in Destiny 2 depends on what you want to do. If you’re farming primary ammo kills, the Thrallway checkpoint from Shattered Throne is the best. If you need special or heavy ammo, the Shuro Chi checkpoint from Last Wish is better since it has a rally banner. These are also your best options for where to farm catalysts in Destiny 2 as well.

Where to Farm Champions in Destiny 2

Farming Champions is usually pretty simple. If you need to farm Champions, just go into the weekly Nightfall strike at whatever difficulty you’re comfortable with and kill all the Champions that spawn. The higher the difficulty, the more Champions that spawn.

Where to Farm Powerful Enemies in Destiny 2

Powerful Enemies spawn pretty much everywhere in the game, so you can farm them wherever you’d like. For some good places, I recommend Dares of Eternity and public events.

Where to Farm Public Events in Destiny 2

If you need to farm public events, just look at the various destinations/planets to see which currently have public events ongoing or beginning soon. Public events usually don’t take too long, so you should be able to bounce from destination to destination, completing them back to back.

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Where to Farm Specific Enemy Types:

  • Minotaurs (Vex): Perdition lost sector on Europa. There are several in this lost sector so you can just repeat it to farm the minotaurs.
  • Servitors (Fallen): Concealed Void lost sector on Europa. During the boss fight for this lost sector, servitors will spawn regularly as you fight the boss. If you stall the boss, however, the servitors will continue to spawn. Just don’t damage the boss and farm servitors as long as you want.
  • Wizards (Hive): Altars of Sorrow. Altars is basically a one-stop farming location for everything Hive.

Join the High Ground

Thanks for reading this farming guide for Destiny 2! Hopefully you’ll be a more effective farmer going forward, now that you know where to farm. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more content on Destiny 2 and other titles.

Happy gaming!

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