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Is It Strep Or Just A Plain Old Sore Throat

Flurona: A combination of the flu and COVID

Sore throats can be a common complaint in winter. As colder weather drives us inside and around more people, the common cold can more easily develop, and with it, a sore, scratchy throat.

How can you know if your sore throat needs medical attention?

It is not uncommon to confuse a cold-related sore throat with the more serious strep throat, but there are differences, said Family Nurse Practitioner Rosemary Schairer, of Samaritan Internal Medicine – Corvallis. A sore throat is usually caused by a virus and will typically go away on its own as cold symptoms lessen, while strep throat is a bacterial infection that must be treated by antibiotics.

A viral sore throat is typically accompanied by other cold-like symptoms, such as cough, sneeze, runny nose and a hoarse or raspy voice.

A strep infection can make it feel very painful to swallow, and often comes with fever of 101-degrees or higher, said Schairer. Strep throat is far more common in children than adults.

Group A streptococcus is the name of the bacteria which can cause several different types of infection, including strep throat, which is contagious. Someone can catch the infection by breathing in or touching infected droplets from a cough or sneeze, or by ingesting the droplets through shared eating utensils.

If the sore throat causes trouble swallowing, lasts longer than 48 hours, or comes with a fever or rash, see your doctor.

What If My Strep Throat Isn’t Getting Better

If your strep throat is not getting better, let your healthcare provider know right away. Do not stop taking your prescribed medicine unless your health care provider tells you to. Call your healthcare provider if these symptoms occur:

  • Fever one or two days after feeling better
  • Dark urine, rash, or chest pain

/11drink Lots Of Fluids

Drinking enough fluids can prevent dehydration and also thin mucus. Water is your best bet when it comes to staying well hydrated. Though you can also sip other things like juices and teas.

You can try honey and lemon tea as it can help break congestion and can also ease a sore throat. Hot soups can also promote nasal drainage and make breathing easier.

One must avoid alcohol if they have a cold as consuming alcohol can lead to dehydration.

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Cold And Flu Symptoms

A stuffy nose and a sore throat: its that telltale combination of symptoms that usually indicates the start of a cold or flu. Not surprisingly, these symptoms often exist alongside one another, like mac and cheese. Or bubbles and baths.

The stuffy feeling you experience when youre sick is a result of your immune response, which produces mucus as a way of flushing out whatever is causing the irritation in this case, a cold or flu virus. In addition to causing sinus headaches, drainage of mucus from the sinuses down the back of the throat can cause a sore throat.

Thats how a cold or flu virus often works one symptom leads to another which leads to another, creating a host of different ailments. And thats why a multi-symptom OTC remedy like is so effective. The unique combination of a decongestant and a pain-reliever in Contac® Cold + Flu can effectively control your nasal congestion and sore throat in a single dose.

Boiron Coldcalm Tablets For Cold Symptoms Of Sneezing Runny Nose And Sore Throat 120 Count

Sore Throat With Runny Nose - (1)
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ColdCalm tablets do not cause drowsiness or sleeplessness, so they are great for day and nightime relief.Try Oscillococcinum for flu symptoms, Chestal cough Syrup line, ThroatCalm tablet for sore throat, and SinusCalm for sinus pain.

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Cough Runny Nose Sore Throat

Do you have a new cough, runny nose or sore throat? Find out about symptoms, care at home and when to seek help.

The most common cause of a new cough, sore throat or runny nose is a viral infection such as a cold or the flu lasting 12 weeks. However, these symptoms can also be the first signs of COVID-19 infection, so it is important to test for this.

COVID-19 symptoms can include:

  • loss of smell or change in taste
  • shortness of breath
  • upset stomach, possibly with diarrhoea or vomiting .

Actions to take

  • If you have any of these symptoms do a rapid antigen test at home. You can get RATs from your local pharmacy or order them for free.
  • Report your results at My Covid Record or call .
  • If your symptoms are mild, you can find helpful self-care tips below.
  • If you have shortness of breath, this could be a sign of pneumonia . See below for when to seek urgent medical advice.
  • If you’re unsure what to do, call Healthline 0800 611 116 or your pharmacy for advice.
  • Image credit: 123rf

    How Can Sinus Infections Or Sinusitis Be Prevented

    Prevention of a sinus infection depends upon its cause.

    • Avoid contracting upper respiratory tract infections. Maintain strict hand washing habits and avoid people who are suffering from a cold or the flu.
    • Obtaining the flu vaccination yearly will help to prevent the flu and subsequent infection of the upper respiratory tract.
    • In some studies, zinc carbonate lozenges have been shown to reduce the duration of many cold symptoms.
    • Stress reduction and a diet rich in antioxidants, especially fresh, dark-colored fruits and vegetables, may help strengthen the immune system.
    • Plan for seasonal allergy attacks.
    • If a sinus infection is caused by seasonal or environmental allergies, avoiding allergens is very important. If avoidance is not an option, either OTC or prescription medication may be helpful. OTC antihistamines or decongestant nasal sprays can be used for an acute attack.
    • People who have seasonal allergies may benefit from nonsedating prescription antihistamines during allergy-season.
    • Avoid spending long periods outdoors during allergy season. Close the windows to the house and use air conditioning to filter out allergens when possible. Humidifiers may also be helpful.
    • Allergy shots, also called immunotherapy, may be effective in reducing or eliminating sinusitis due to allergies. An allergist administers shots regularly for 3 to 5 years, which often produces a reduction or complete remission of allergy symptoms for years.

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    Days 6 And : Symptoms Ease

    The average duration of a cold is 7 to 10 days, and most people recover without any specific treatment. But cold symptoms may last longer or become more severe in people who have immune problems or other underlying health issues, such as diabetes, says Soma Mandal, MD, an internist with the Summit Medical Group in New Jersey. If you have a medical condition that puts you at increased risk for complications, reach out to your healthcare provider.

    Be aware that it may take up to six weeks for a cough to disappear even after other symptoms fade, Dr. Mandal says. Usually, this is due to postnasal drip, which can continue to form while swollen and irritated nasal passages heal, she explains.

    Check If You Have A Cold

    What are the symptoms of the Omicron variant?

    Cold symptoms come on gradually and can include:

    • a blocked or runny nose
    • pressure in your ears and face
    • loss of taste and smell

    The symptoms are the same in adults and children. Sometimes symptoms last longer in children.

    Cold and flu symptoms are similar, but flu tends to be more severe.

    Difference between cold and flu
    Appears quickly within a few hours
    Affects mainly your nose and throatAffects more than just your nose and throat
    Makes you feel unwell, but you’re OK to carry on as normal Makes you feel exhausted and too unwell to carry on as normal

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    Cough Headache Runny Nose And Sore Throat

    Last Editorial Review: 8/5/2020

    There are a few different medical conditions that are strongly associated with:

    While the symptoms above can be considered a guide to help associate symptoms common among the conditions below, this is not a substitute for a diagnosis from a health care provider. There are many other medical conditions that also can be associated with your symptoms. Below are the top condition matches for your symptom combination from MedicineNet:

    Sinus Vs Regular Toothache

    Many symptoms of a regular toothache are similar to those of a sinus toothache. However, sinus tooth pain is primarily felt in the upper molars, affecting several teeth instead of only one. If youre having pain in these teeth, and its coupled with some of the symptoms listed below, its likely that your toothache is due to a sinus infection. You may also feel a bit under the weather or have a fever.

    A toothache caused by dental concerns will likely be the only source of pain, and it could be more intense and focused. Pain from a sinus toothache will intensify with certain types of movement. Jumping up or bending over may make the pain worse. This is because the sinus pressure shifts as you move and is felt more in your teeth. The pain may subside when youre sitting or lying down.

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    When Does A Runny Nose Need To Be Treated By A Healthcare Provider

    Again, your runny nose should go away on its own. However, if the symptoms are severe, they last more than 10 days, or if youre taking care of a child whose drainage only comes from one side, gets green or blood or foul-smelling, then you should see a healthcare provider.

    A note from Cleveland Clinic

    Who hasnt had a runny nose? Getting a dripping or runny nose in the cold or when you have a cold, the flu or allergies is common. It usually doesnt mean theres an infection or something serious. Remember to use good hygiene practices to prevent a runny nose or similar issues. See a healthcare provider if your or your childs runny nose seems unusual.

    Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 04/19/2021.


    What Treatment Is Recommended For A Runny Nose Due To An Allergy

    Sore Throat With Runny Nose - (2)
    • Stay indoors when the pollen count is high, usually in the early morning and on windy days.
    • Keep windows closed during allergy season, and use air conditioning whenever possible.
    • Wear a dust mask if working outdoors. Change clothing and take a shower right away after coming indoors.
    • Avoid contact with cats and dogs if you are sensitive to animal dander.

    Also, there are many safe and effective over-the-counter medications available to help control allergy symptoms, such as nasal steroid sprays and oral antihistamines. If the symptoms are severe, your healthcare provider may recommend prescription medications, or refer you to an allergist for testing and targeted therapy.

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    Is It Allergies Or A Cold

    Cold and allergy symptoms often overlap, so its easy to mistake cold symptoms for allergies, and vice versa. Understanding the cause of your symptoms helps you choose the right treatment. It also gives you a better picture of your overall health.

    Clinicians use the 5 factors below to help distinguish between colds and allergies.

    How Do I Get Rid Of My Runny Nose What Medicines Should I Try

    Prescription medicines, such as antibiotics are not needed to treat a runny nose, which usually gets better on its own. Sometimes, an over-the-counter decongestant medicine may help adults, but might not be appropriate if you have certain conditions or take other medications. Check with your healthcare provider to see what over-the-counter medicines are appropriate for you.

    Typically, the best treatment for a runny nose includes:

    • Drink plenty of fluids, especially water.
    • Use a saline nasal spray to help relieve symptoms. Limit the use of decongestant nasal sprays to no longer than a few days, as instructed on package labels.
    • A cool-mist humidifier at your bedside can combat congestion worsened by dry winter air.

    Unless recommended by your healthcare provider, dont give over-the-counter cold medicines to a child under age four.

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    What Is Sore Throat

    A sore throat, or pharyngitis, is when the throat is red, swollen and painful, especially when you swallow. It happens when the back of the throat, called the pharynx, is inflamed.

    Usually, sore throats go away without treatment within 3 to 4 days. Seek medical attention if:

    • you have trouble breathing or swallowing
    • you have a stiff or swollen neck
    • you have a high fever
    • you have a rash
    • you feel very unwell or the sore throat is getting worse

    Prop Up Head On Pillow

    A cold, flu or coronavirus – which one do I have? – BBC News

    If youre having difficulty sleeping due to a runny nose, one strategy that may be helpful is propping your head up on a pillow. RestWell explains that propping your head on a pillow can help make it easier for your nose and sinuses to drain.

    At night, its common for mucus to pool in the head which can cause headaches and make it difficult to breathe and sleep at night. Elevating your head on a pillow can help to drain the sinuses and relieve the pressure that may build up because of nasal congestion.

    Shutterstock/Ground Picture

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    How Is The Flu Treated

    The flu usually doesn’t need medical treatment. Sometimes, doctors might prescribe an antiviral medicine for some people who have the flu. This medicine works best if given within the first 2 days of the illness. It can make flu symptoms milder and shorten the illness by a couple of days. But it has some side effects, so discuss the pros and cons of taking it with your doctor.

    Doctors don’t prescribe antibiotics for the flu. Antibiotics only work against bacteria, not viruses.

    How Does Your Nose Work To Protect Your Body

    Your breathing process starts in your nose. Air gets into your lungs through your nose. It helps filter, humidify, warm or cool the air that comes through it so that the air that gets to your lungs is clean.

    A special lining of mucosa, or a moist tissue, covers the area inside your nose and consists of many mucus-producing glands. As bacteria, allergens, dust or other harmful particles come into the nose, the mucus traps them. Mucus contains antibodies, or enzymes, which kill unwanted bacteria and viruses.

    The mucosa lining also includes cilia, tiny hair-like structures. The cilia are continually in motion and move the collected harmful particles and the mucus that they are trapped in through your nose into the back of your throat. Its then swallowed and destroyed by the acid in your stomach. Mucus and particles can also be coughed up or sneezed out.

    When outdoor temperatures turn cold, the pace of this process slows down. Many times, the mucus stays in your nose and then drips or dribbles out.

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    When Should I Call The Doctor

    If you have any doubts or questions, it’s best to call your doctor. An illness that seems like a cold can turn out to be the flu or COVID-19. And other illnesses, like strep throat or pneumonia, can cause similar symptoms but need different treatment. Sometimes it’s hard to know for sure which germ is causing the problem. Then, doctors might do some tests to find out.

    Get medical care right away if your child:

    • seems to be getting worse
    • has trouble breathing

    How Are Sore Throats With Colds Treated

    Sore Throat With Runny Nose - (3)

    Although there is no cure for a sore throat caused by a cold virus, there are ways to help you feel more comfortable. Drinking warm liquids, gargling with warm salt water, sucking on ice chips, or taking an over-the-counter medicine may relieve symptoms of pain or fever. When you are sick with a cold, it is also important to get enough rest, eat a healthy diet, and drink plenty of fluids.

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    What Is The Treatment For Strep Throat

    Strep throat is treated using antibiotics, which kill the bacteria causing the infection. Antibiotics are often taken as pills or given as a shot. Penicillin and amoxicillin are common antibiotics used to treat strep throat. Other antibiotics are prescribed for people who are allergic to penicillin.

    Follow your healthcare provider’s instructions for antibiotic use. Take all of the medication, even if you feel better. You should feel better within a day or two. A person with strep throat should stay home until 24 hours after starting the antibiotic.

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