Father of Idaho Murder Victim Says He Found ‘Connections’ Between His Daughter And Suspect Bryan Kohberger (2023)

28-year-old Bryan Kohberger has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the horrific killing of four University of Idaho students.

There are reportedly connections between one of the victims, 21-year-old Kaylee Goncalves, and Bryan Kohberger.

Steve Goncalves, the father of Kaylee, said his family has found connections between his daughter and Kohberger.

Father of Idaho Murder Victim Says He Found ‘Connections’ Between His Daughter And Suspect Bryan Kohberger (1)

He indicated they are finding clues on her social media that he knew who she was. More information about his alleged motive and alleged connection to the victims will likely be released in the coming days.

The Idaho murders suspect, Bryan Christopher Kohberger follows both Kaylee and Maddie on his personal Instagram account and Xana on his Phd Instagram account.

These were not random victims. He stalked and hunted them. There are others pic.twitter.com/oa11NnVqcw

— DeFi nitelyAScam (@DeFi_nitlyAScam) December 30, 2022

Father of Idaho Murder Victim Says He Found ‘Connections’ Between His Daughter And Suspect Bryan Kohberger (2)

#MoscowMurders suspect Bryan Kohberger was following Maddie and Kaylee on two separate IG accounts, one of which also followed Xana, but none of the girls followed him back. So glad they found this creep. pic.twitter.com/4zXjgHGvwx

— paige elise (@PaigeMcGarvin) December 30, 2022

Father of Idaho Murder Victim Says He Found ‘Connections’ Between His Daughter And Suspect Bryan Kohberger (3)

(Video) Father of Idaho murder victim says Bryan Kohberger 'looked scared' in court

The students were killed with a long knife while they were likely asleep. Some of the victims had defensive wounds.

We are beginning to learn disturbing information about Kohberger as police “tracked” him moving across the country. He was arrested in Pennsylvania.

Fact 1: During his arrest, Kohberger asked police if “asked if anyone else was arrested.”

Father of Idaho Murder Victim Says He Found ‘Connections’ Between His Daughter And Suspect Bryan Kohberger (4)

His words suggest that he may have committed the crimes with an accomplice, according to famous crime commentator Nancy Grace.

Police have not identified or arrested other suspects. Police are still asking the public for assistance and tips about Kohberger, which might lead to another suspect.

Bryan Kohberger’s mugshot from the Monroe County, Jail in PA. Notice the vest he is wearing. @LawCrimeNetwork pic.twitter.com/BVEm6nqwN3

— Angenette Levy (@Angenette5) December 30, 2022

Fact 2: Kohberger is known by acquaintances to be socially awkward, bullied by others, and aggressive.

Father of Idaho Murder Victim Says He Found ‘Connections’ Between His Daughter And Suspect Bryan Kohberger (5)

During his arrest and mugshot, police say Kohberger had a “‘quiet, blank stare,’” as if he was emotionally unmoved despite the nerve-racking circumstances.

Former classmates of Kohberger say that he has a tough time picking up on social cues and was bullied in school. He also showed signs of aggressiveness, according to former classmates.

(Video) Idaho murder victim Kaylee Goncalves' dad sees connections between her & suspect Bryan Kohberger

Father of Idaho Murder Victim Says He Found ‘Connections’ Between His Daughter And Suspect Bryan Kohberger (6)

These statements about Kohberger’s character, as well as the horrific details of the crime scene, are leading to speculation about whether he suffers from psychological disorders.

A former classmate named Sarah Healey said the situation was “bad” with Kohberger because he was “shy and kept to himself” while other classmates, especially girls, would “mock him and throw things at him.”

Healey said, “There was definitely something off about him, like we couldn’t tell exactly what it was. I remember one time when I was walking in the hallway, and he stopped me and was like, ‘Do you want to hang out?’”

Girls would tell him to “go away, creep” and it was “mainly females that bullied him.”

Father of Idaho Murder Victim Says He Found ‘Connections’ Between His Daughter And Suspect Bryan Kohberger (7)

Former classmate Ben Roberts described him as a “super awkward” person who “was always looking for a way to fit in.”

Kohberger’s own family members describe his personality as “very OCD” (obsessive compulsive disorder) with “weird” dietary restrictions. His diet was considered “above and beyond being vegan” because he wouldn’t eat out of the any pots or pans if they ever had meat in them.

Fact 3: Kohberger once listed his favorite quote from Aristotle was to “entertain a thought without accepting it.”

It’s widely speculated that Kohberger holds dark thoughts, but has tried to avoid acting on them.

When graduating from DeSales University with a psychology degree, Kohberger listed a quote from Aristotle: “It is the mask of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

Inside the mind of Kohberger, he likely attempts to entertain various thoughts, even if they’re wrong, while not allowing them to take hold.

Many people have pointed to the irony of Kohberger graduating from DeSales University with a psychology degree while showing signs himself of battling psychological disorders.

(Video) Key Factors That Led to Bryan Kohberger's Arrest for Idaho Student Murders

Fact 4: Kohberger was pursuing his Ph.D in criminal justice and criminology.

After graduating from DeSales University, and at the time of the crime, Kohberger was attending Washington State University for a graduate degree in criminology and criminal justice.

His school’s campus is located less than 10 miles from the crime scene. It’s speculated that Kohberger tried to use what he learned about criminology while allegedly carrying out the murders.

Near the crime scene on the night of the murders, police identified a white Hyundai Elantra vehicle seen on video. It was precisely this clue that led authorities to Kohberger. He proceeded to drive his Hyundai across country to Pennsylvania for the holidays.

It sounds like due to Bryan Kohberger’s Washington’s criminology background, he may have read too many of those “How to commit the perfect crime” books & thought he could do it. Next on his reading list will be “How to spend your life in jail, “if he doesn’t get death penalty pic.twitter.com/lTStnMYlT3

— Wayne ‘VisibilityFiltered’ DuPree  (@WayneDupreeShow) December 31, 2022

Fact 5: Kohberger demonstrated an unusual interest in the “thoughts and feelings” of criminals.

As a psychology student, Kohberger conducted online surveys for criminals, regardless of whether they were caught or not.

He explored the criminals thoughts and feelings as they committed crimes.

“Why did you choose that victim or target over others?” he asked. “After committing the crime, what were you thinking and feeling?”

In another online survey, he wrote, “My name is Bryan, and I am inviting you to participate in a research project that seeks to understand how emotions and psychological traits influence decision-making when committing a crime.”

“In particular, this study seems to understand the story behind your most recent criminal offense, with an emphasis on your thoughts and feelings throughout your experience,” he asked participants.

Kohberger also asked criminals about their first. He wondered whether they were alone, whether they were employed, whether they were under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and more.

(Video) Idaho murders: Kaylee Goncalves father describes seeing Bryan Kohberger in court

“How was your life right before the crime occurred?” he asked. “Did you prepare for the crime before leaving your home? Please detail what you were thinking and feeling at this point.”

He continued, “How did you travel to and enter the location that the crime occurred? After arriving, what steps did you take prior to locating the victim or target (i.e., person or object)? Please detail your thoughts and feelings.”

Fact 6: Kohberger’s DNA was found at the crime scene.

Despite Kohberger’s careful study of criminology, he still left his DNA at the crime scene, according to police.

It’s highly anticipated that authorities will release more information about where they found his DNA. This will likely be a critical piece of evidence in the case.

Speculation 7: The Corrupt FBI has been sent an audio from a popular true crime podcast that allegedly features Bryan Kohberger calling in.

He tells the podcast that he believes a group of fraternity brothers committed the murders.

Listen to Bryan Kohberger on audio calling into a podcast telling the group he thinks fraternity brothers committed the murders…. but, they call him out on his BS!!https://t.co/5GFkCMeCXa

— La Jaconde (@La_Jaconde_1506) December 30, 2022

Speculation 8: On Monday, December 12th, it’s believed that Kohberger may have anonymously posted online to a 4chan forum.

The disturbing post reads, “I hung their intestines from a ceiling fan and shoved my knive up Kaylee’s c***.”

“I’m hiding in the woods in shithole PA. Good luck catching me,” it reads.

🚨🚨Was this posted by Bryan Christopher Kohberger? https://t.co/IqI50ZyYtG#idahohomicide #idahosuspect #Idaho4 pic.twitter.com/NipWqOzzIx

(Video) Parents of slain Idaho student react to arrest of Bryan Kohberger

— Simon (@Simon83520417) December 30, 2022

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