Android Contacts Disappeared? 4 Ways to Get Them Back (2023)

"Contacts" on Android phones should be no less critical than photos, videos, and other crucial files, because it is our most important way to get in contact with our relatives, friends or even customers, etc. Now, Assume Android contacts disappeared from your phone for unexpected reasons, it's so distressing, isn't it?

After that, if you have a previous backup, you can try to regain them. But what if there's no copy or there might be some problem with the backup files? Just calm down, please, for this article will explore everything you want to know.

Android Contacts Disappeared? 4 Ways to Get Them Back (1)

  • Part 1: Contacts Disappeared from Android, Are They Really Gone?
  • Part 2: Fix Contacts Disappeared from Android with Android Recovery Tool
  • Part 3: Recover Some Contacts Disappeared from Android Using Gmail
  • Part 4: Recover Lost Contacts on Android via SD Card
  • Part 5: Restore Contacts from Android with ES File Explorer

Part 1: Contacts Disappeared from Android, Are They Really Gone?

What happened to all my contacts? Why they suddenly disappeared. Given the situation, you may want to know two questions, as in the following.

1. Why Have My Contacts Disappeared from My Android Phone?

Firstly, there might be some faults with your Android phone, or the contacts are deleted by yourself inadvertently. And there's also possible that the contact disappears due to the intrusion of malicious apps. At this time, you can try to update some apps on your phone to see if this will lead to Android contacts missing. Of course, there are some other reasons as well.

2. Where Did All My Contacts Go?

You can get into your cellphone to see if they are hidden. To do this, just run the Contacts app > hit the three vertical dots from the top right corner > choose Contacts to display > select All contacts.

If these contacts are still not displayed, they are likely to be stored in the storage of your Android phone and be labeled as deleted info.

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Part 2: Fix Contacts Disappeared from Android with Android Recovery Tool

"Most or all my contacts disappeared from Android phone"? Well, it is a big trouble for many Android owners without backup. To prevent the lost contacts from being overwritten by new data, it is recommended to choose a professional recovery tool to retrieve them.

MobiKin Doctor for Android (Win and Mac) is able to do the job well. It is a top-notch Android recovery software. It also allows you to browse the contents related to contacts, such as the phone number, data, location, type, duration before restoring. Again, it helps to restore other Android data and gives its users the right to preview more details before recovery.

Key features of MobiKin Doctor for Android:

  • Breezily recover all the lost stuff from both Android internal memory and SD card without backup.
  • Support retrieving data like contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, videos, music, documents, apps, and more.
  • Enable you to preview and select any data before Android data recovery.
  • Easy to operate, 100 secure, and a 98% success rate.
  • Samsung/HTC/Google Pixel contacts disappeared? Fear not! It can recover data from almost all Android devices, also including Motorola, Sony, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Blackberry, Nokia, Lenovo, etc.
  • It never tracks any privacy from its users.

To fix all or some contacts disappeared from Android without backup, just recover them with MobiKin Doctor for Android:

Step 1. Primarily, root your Android phone to let the program fully detect all the contacts. Next, install the downloaded program and open it on your computer. Then, link the Android phone to the computer with a USB cord.

Android Contacts Disappeared? 4 Ways to Get Them Back (4)

Step 2. Have the mobile identified by the software, going with the direction on the screen. After that, you'll get the main interface. Here, tick the Contacts box and tap Next to start scanning the phone.

Android Contacts Disappeared? 4 Ways to Get Them Back (5)

(Video) Android Contacts Disappeared? Learn How to Recover Them!

Step 3. Once completed, you can preview all the lost contacts from the screen. Then just select the items you want and click Recover to put them on your computer.

Android Contacts Disappeared? 4 Ways to Get Them Back (6)

This smart software can also recover lost/deleted files from an SD card.

Part 3: Recover Some Contacts Disappeared from Android Using Gmail

Sometimes, phone contacts disappeared from our Android phones without warning. At this point, it is not difficult to restore them through Gmail, but only if there has been a complete backup before. Plus, the odds of recovering Android losing contacts are certainly considerable.

To restore contacts from Android via Gmail:

  • Open any browser from your computer, visit the Gmail website.
  • Log in to your Gmail account that you used to restore from where Android contacts disappeared.
  • Click the Gmail icon from the top left corner of the page to open a pull-down list.
  • You'll now find the Contacts and other options. Just select Contacts > More.
  • Choose the Restore contacts button. (see the image below)
  • Select a suitable period for restoring any lost contacts.
  • Tap "Restore" > "OK" to proceed .

Android Contacts Disappeared? 4 Ways to Get Them Back (7)

Part 4: Recover Lost Contacts on Android via SD Card

Suppose your Android phone contacts disappeared and you have exported them to your SD card beforehand, then you can try this method.

Most contacts stored in an SD card are in .csv or .vcf format. When you need to recover them from the card, simply run the Contact app, find your desired contacts, and import them into your Android phone.

How to retrieve lost contacts on Android via SD card:

(Video) How to Get Back Missing or Deleted Contacts in Android Phone

  • On your Android device, open the Contacts app.
  • Touch the three-dot icon from the upper left of the screen to choose Settings from the pull-down menu.
  • You'll find the option of Import/Export from the next screen. Simply touch it.
  • Finally, select Import from SD card and choose your wanted contacts from SD card to move them to your Android device.

Android Contacts Disappeared? 4 Ways to Get Them Back (8)

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Part 5: Restore Contacts from Android with ES File Explorer

Next up is to fix contact names disappeared from Android using ES File Explorer. This tool facilitates to find the database files of your contacts from your Android device directly. Yet its recovery rate varies with the phones' brands.

How to recover lost contacts from Android via ES File Explorer:

  • Open ES File Explorer after the download and installation on your Android device. Then, root the phone to let this program get full access to your mobile.
  • Tap Search from the bottom of the window and type in the contact path on the blank: "/data/data/android.providers.contacts/databases" or "contacts/databases". Then tap on Magnifier to continue.
  • Now, the deep scan should commence. Subsequently, all your contacts will be scanned out. Here, just follow the prompts on the screen to fetch your contacts with ease.

Android Contacts Disappeared? 4 Ways to Get Them Back (9)

Bonus: How To Prevent Data Loss from Happening Again?

Some Android users said that the system upgrade would lead to contact loss. In fact, "Android update" and "lost contacts" are not necessarily closely related in most cases. But system upgrades do cause contact loss occasionally.

To fix Android lost contacts after an update or the loss of other data for whatever reasons, you'd better make a regular backup of your Android phone on PC/Mac. You can do that as required, such as backing up your Android contacts, vital documents, and other content selectively or in a batch. Moreover, it is better to back up data to your computer than to some cloud space. As the storage of the computer is more extensive and safer.

Android Contacts Disappeared? 4 Ways to Get Them Back (10)

Ending Words

We have introduced 4 ways to restore lost contacts on Android. Here, it needs to be clear that only ES File Explorer and MobiKin Doctor for Android can help you complete the task without backup.

(Video) How to Recover Deleted or Lost Contacts from android device (Without root)

For the former, it currently only works well on some Android phones, partly because it has been a long time since the last update, and it does not allow you to browse other information about contacts.

While for the latter, it has always been keeping pace with the times and is compatible with almost all types of Android devices. What's more, it is easy to use, helping you recover all your lost contacts and other Android data effortlessly.

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Why did my contacts suddenly disappeared Android? ›

If contacts disappeared is caused by Contacts app preferences being disabled, you can fix it with the steps below: Go to Settings and click System. Open Advanced option. Tap on Reset options and then Reset app preferences.

Why did my contacts suddenly disappeared? ›

Sometimes, if you install a faulty software version, some of your contacts get lost. There are many apps that sync with your contacts. Sometimes, there are issues with this sync process and that causes you to lose your contacts. There might be a rogue app on your phone that is causing your contacts to disappear.

Is there a way to recover deleted contacts on Android without backup? ›

How to Recover Deleted Phone Numbers via Contacts App
  1. Android Contacts Trash Bin.
  2. Recover from Internal Memory.
  3. Choose Quick Recovery from Device.
  4. Check Contact Category.
  5. Your Device Is Recognized.
  6. Select Contact You Want to Computer or Device.
  7. Contact Recovered Successfully.
  8. Recover Contact from Google Account.
Dec 13, 2022

How do I find my contacts that have disappeared? ›

To restore lost Android contacts, navigate to the Settings app on your Android phone. Scroll down and tap Accounts and then choose the Google account that you used to restore the disappeared contacts. Enable the Contacts option and tap Sync now, your contacts will then be restored to your Android phone.

Can you restore lost phone contacts? ›

You can access the “Restore Contacts” option on specific devices by heading to Google > Setup and Restore > Restore Contacts. Now, you need to select the Google Account attached to your lost Android Phone. Disable “Device Store” or “SIM Card” if you don't want your contacts to store on any of these.

Why did I suddenly lost all my contacts on my iPhone? ›

The issue of missing contacts on iPhone can be caused by one or a combination of factors listed below. Powering off the phone and restarting it (a so-called 'cold start'). The user didn't sync iPhone to iCloud after a software update.

Why is my iPhone deleting contacts randomly? ›

Fix iPhone Deleted Contacts Randomly with iCloud Sync

If you have enabled iCloud sync, all your contacts will be uploaded and stored in iCloud. If you disable this feature by accident, you will find contacts deleted from iPhone. So please go to Settings to have a check and turn Contacts Sync on.

Why are some of my iPhone contacts disappearing? ›

Well, there could be more than one reason why contacts go missing on an iOS device. It could be due to a buggy software update, ill-fated restore, or sluggish syncing owing to the poor internet connection.

Why are random contacts disappearing from my iPhone? ›

You may find your iPhone contacts missing after you update to the new iOS 16/iOS 15 or downgrading to the previous iOS. That's mostly because contacts are not synced back with iCloud or some problem occurs during the process. And some of the contacts missing are probably caused by this reason.

How can I recover deleted contacts from my Iphone without backup? ›

Go to 'Messages & Contacts' and then select all the people that were missing from your contact lists. You can mark them one by one or select them all for recovery. You can also set the folder location for all the saved contacts. Click the 'Recover' button at the bottom of the screen to download and save the files.

How do I restore my contacts from iCloud backup? ›

To Restore Contacts from iCloud:

Step 1: Sign in to Step 2: Go to your Account Settings. Step 3: Scroll down to “Advanced” and click “Restore Contacts.” Step 4: Find the date of the backup you want and click “Restore” next to it.

What is jailbreaking a phone? ›

Essentially, rooting is the term used for modifying Androids while jailbreaking is the term used for iPhones. Jailbreaking or rooting means removing software restrictions that are intentionally put in place by the device manufacturer.

Why do my contacts disappear and reappear? ›

There might be some problem with UI interfering with the contact application. Restarting the Android device might solve the issue as it refreshes the phone by clearing the memory. After the device is restarted try to open the contacts app and see if the contacts are back or not.

What is import SIM contacts? ›

When you import SIM contacts on iPhone or even an Android, the following things happen: The SIM contacts will be added to the existing list of contacts on your phone. The contacts on your phone will not be removed by importing SIM contacts i.e., SIM contacts will not overwrite existing contacts.


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