15 Best Baby Cream for Fairness in Nigeria and their Prices (2023)

A baby’s skin is beautiful, soft, and tender and with a proper routine, like protection from the sun and a proper bathing procedure, you can keep your baby’s skin in perfect condition. However, a baby’s skin is delicate and the slightest miss can create a crack on the skin of your baby.

The cream and soap should be well researched and thought out before any application is made. It is always important to know the kind of lotion that suits your baby, that way; you can ensure your baby’s skin continues to glow like the belly of a jellyfish. In this post, we would be talking about the 15 best baby creams for fairness in Nigeria. Information Guides Nigeria

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15 Best Baby Cream for Fairness in Nigeria and their Prices (1)

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1. Aveeno Baby Lotion

Aveeno is one of the most reputable manufactures of baby cream and soaps. It has a great formula that can moisturize your baby’s skin for the whole day. Their ingredients are safe and deliberately combined for the purpose of your baby. It can be applied to every part of your baby’s body.

You can find them in many stores in Nigeria and their price ranges from 13500 to 17000.

2. Mothercare Baby Lotion

Mothercare Baby Lotion is an international brand of baby lotion suitable for newborn babies and above. It is a very soft and gentle cream and it will moisturize your baby’s body. Mothercare cream can be gotten from baby stores nationwide or ordered from online stores. Its price ranges from 3000 to 3500.

3. Johnson Baby Lotion

This is a very popular brand, known for updating the public with baby lotions. Johnson baby lotion is laced with shea and cocoa butter to make sure your baby’s skin is fully nourished. It is a practical lotion and adults can also use it.

It can be gotten from both physical and online stores nationwide, and its price ranges between, 8000 to 10000.

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4. Mother’s Dream Kids Body Lotion

It usually comes in a set of shower gel and bar soaps. It is a German product that recently came into Nigeria. It is perfect for making your child’s skin lighter and brighter. It is made from the perfect blend of natural ingredients and would take your child’s skin to its original form.

It can be bought in a set containing shower gel and bar soap at a price range of 16000 to 20000.

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5. Boots Baby Lotion

This is also one of the best baby lotions out there because it is formulated to be soft and gentle on your baby’s skin. It has been certified to be safe. It is highly effective for moisturizing your baby’s skin and shielding it from germs and diseases. Its packages are recyclable.

It can also be purchased nationwide. Its price ranges from 4000 to 5000. Best Baby Cream for Fairness

6. Little Angel Baby Lotion

This lotion comes in different products and if you pair them, they can do wonders for your baby’s skin. Your baby would not experience any irritation or rashes with this product. It keeps the skin moisturized and clean for up to 24 hours.Union Bank of Nigeria Transfer Code And How To Use

It can be ordered from various stores nationwide and its price ranges from 2000 to 3000.

7. Olaitum Junior Cream

If your baby has a dry skin condition, Olaitum is the perfect cream for you. It contains the perfect ingredients that enrich your baby’s skin and protects it from germs. It softens the skin and makes the baby more comfortable and happy.JAMB Result Printing 2021 – How to Print Original JAMB Result Slip

Olaitum junior cream can be purchased nationwide and ordered online. Its price ranges from 9000 to 12000.

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8. Sebamed Baby Lotion

This is one of the most reliable brands of baby lotion. It would moisturize your baby’s skin and make it glow perfectly. It will work perfectly with the Sebamed baby soap which is also very gentle and smooth. However, using the lotion alone can still do wonders for your baby’s skin. Npower recruitment

You can get Sebamed’s product in any baby store in Nigeria. Its price ranges from 6000 to 12000.

9. Olaybact Fairness Lotion

This lotion was specifically formulated for kids in their active stage. It contains ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil and it helps to smoothen the dry and rough skin of a baby. It can also be used by people in their teens.

It can be purchased nationwide for a price range of 3000 to 4000.

10. Baby Secret Amino Baby Lotion

This lotion can effectively brighten a baby’s skin and moisturize it. It comes together with a shower gel for all-around protection of your baby’s skin. It can soften a baby’s skin and create a glow that can last for up to 24 hours.

It can be purchased nationwide and its price ranges from 9000 to 10000. dollar to naira rate

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11. Chicco Baby Lotion

This is one of the many baby products of Chicco. It is made from natural ingredients that smoothen a baby’s skin and leaves the baby moisturized for up to 24 hours. It is very gentle and can be used for babies with sensitive skin.

You can buy it in a set of other Chicco products or alone. Its price ranges from 7000 to 10000.

12. Himalaya Baby Lotion

This lotion has been tested to keep your baby’s skin protected and soft. It is a daily care lotion that has been formulated with the perfect ingredients to help nourish your baby’s skin and give it the perfect spark.

It can be purchase nationwide and its price ranges from 5100 to 6000. WAEC result

(Video) Best Baby Lotion Best Lightening Lotion For Kids And Teens/ Veet gold kids lotion/ Fair Child Lotion

13. Longrich Baby Cream

It contains ingredients that help to nourish your baby’s skin and remove any scar with continuous use. It is good for sensitive skin and protects your baby from infections.

It can be found in stores nationwide and its price ranges from 3200 to 4000. JAMB form

14. Dove Baby Rich Lotion

This is an international brand of lotion that helps to moisturize your baby’s skin and gives you a tender scent that lingers on. It is gentle and smooth and should be applied gently on the dry skin of your baby.

It can be purchased nationwide and the price ranges from 3300 to 4000.

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15. Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment

This is a perfect ointment for the delicate skin of a baby. This ointment has multiple purposes and can help a baby feel healthy and happy all day.

It can be purchased nationwide and the price ranges from 11500 to13000 JAMB Result

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Baby Cream Baby Cream in Nigeria Lightening Baby Creams


Which cream is best for fair new born baby? ›

Shea Butter – Shea butter is a great ingredient for baby creams for fair skin, especially during the winter months when skin is more likely to dry out. It's a great moisturizer and can also be used as a barrier against wind, cold, and even light rain.

What is the most expensive baby cream? ›

5,999. The highest priced product is Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula, Firming Butter, - Bottle (Pack of 4)(318 ml) available at Rs. 9,999 in India.

Which soap is best for baby skin whitening? ›

Mamaearth Nourishing Bathing Bar is best for baby skin whitening. This is the best baby skin whitening soap.

How can I give birth to a fair complexion baby? ›

drink coconut water daily eat more of simple proteins like toned milk and curds think positive as it reflects upon the complexions of both mother and baby no negative feelings for anyone also helps remember that more than fair complexion, it's the clarity of skin and thin texture which makes person look bright fair ...

How can I make my baby skin glow in Nigeria? ›

Top 9 Natural Tips to Make your Baby's Skin Fair and Glow
  1. Baby Scrub. The homemade scrub removes unwanted impurities from your baby's skin. ...
  2. Mix Kasthoori. Mix Kasthoori Manual with an equal amount of milk. ...
  3. Massage with Oil. ...
  4. Lime Juice and Honey. ...
  5. Body Packs. ...
  6. Ubtan or Pastes. ...
  7. Stop using Soap. ...
  8. Fruit Sap.

How can I improve my baby's skin color naturally? ›

Keeping him hydrated will flush out all of his bodily toxins and impart a naturally glowing skin tone. Make them stay in mild sunlight: Vitamin D is excellent for babies. Let your baby bathe in the morning sunlight and absorb Vit D, which will help enhance his skin and also help fight skin infections and diseases.

What is the most expensive cream for fairness? ›

7 Most Expensive Skin Care Creams in the World
  1. Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultra Diamond Transformative Energy Crème. ...
  2. BABOR SeaCreation The Cream. ...
  3. Crème de la Mer. ...
  4. Lancome Absolue L'Extrait Concentrate. ...
  5. La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare. ...
  6. Chantecaille Bio Lifting Cream. ...
  7. Sisleya L'Intégral Anti-Âge.
Dec 29, 2020

Which powder is best for baby skin whitening? ›

Check them out!
  • Himalaya Baby Powder. The strength of numerous herbs is infused into Himalaya Herbal Baby Powder. ...
  • Little's Organix Gentle Baby Powder. ...
  • The Moms Co. ...
  • Mee Mee Baby Talcum Powder. ...
  • Sebamed Baby Powder. ...
  • Mamaearth dusting powder. ...
  • Chicco Baby Moments Talcum Powder. ...
  • Johnson's Baby Powder.
Feb 28, 2023

What is the best cream for fair skin whitening? ›

The following are the best creams for maintaining a fair and glowing skin without hydroquinone:
  • Nivea Perfect & Radiant Body Lotion. ...
  • Vaseline Healthy Bright UV Extra Brightening GlutaGlow Lotion. ...
  • Clear Essence Lemon Plus Vitamin A Creme. ...
  • Pond's Face Cream - Light Moisturiser. ...
  • Advanced Clinicals Vitamin C Body Cream.
May 6, 2023

Which oil is best for baby face whitening? ›

What are the best types of oils?
  • Coconut oil. Premature babies' skin improved and strengthened when virgin coconut oil was applied, according to medical research published in 2020. ...
  • Almond oil. ...
  • Petroleum jelly. ...
  • Baby oil. ...
  • Shea butter. ...
  • Safflower oil. ...
  • Grapeseed oil. ...
  • Chamomile lotion.
Mar 16, 2023

Why do babies turn dark? ›

Most parents assume that this is their baby's actual skin colour. But a newborn's skin darkens slightly as more of the natural pigment that gives it colour - melanin - is produced. So it's normal for your baby's complexion to change a bit on it's own at first.

Does baby secret lighten baby skin? ›

Q2: Does baby secret shower gel lighten the skin? Answer: It is more of a moisturizing and glowing bath for an already fair skin. Baby secret doesn't darken the skin, rather it polishes an already dark skin and shines it.

Can a dark baby get lighter? ›

Babies can have a variety of skin colors when they are born. A baby's skin color can change over time and should settle fully at around 20 months old.

What darkens baby skin? ›

The buildup of bilirubin in the blood is called hyperbilirubinemia. Because bilirubin has a pigment, or coloring, it causes a yellowing of the baby's eyes, skin, and tissues. As liver function matures, the jaundice goes away. A premature infant is more likely to develop jaundice.

Why my baby's face is darker than her body? ›

Uneven skin color in babies is very normal, you only need to wait more than 6 months to know exactly if your baby's skin color is white or black. Unruly baby skin is also very common which can come from race, age, body temperature and even whether baby is fussy or not which affects skin color.

What can I eat to give birth to a light skinned baby? ›

1. Orange – Orange is a rich source of vitamin C and recommended during pregnancy. Vitamin C is not only useful for the growth of the baby but also improve the baby and mother skin tone and makes them fair. Everyday minimum 2 orange consumption fulfill the requirement of Vit C and makes your baby skin fair.

How do I know my newborn's complexion? ›

Note your newborn's skin tone.
  1. If your newborn's skin is bluish all over (cyanosis), however, let your physician know right away.
  2. If your skin is dark, you can expect that your newborn's will be lighter than yours at first.
  3. Newborns with fair skin may show some mottling, with blotches of reddish and whitish skin.

What month does baby skin color develop? ›

When do babies get their skin color? Beginning at 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, the cells that will later produce melanin – the substance that accounts for skin color – first appear in your baby's skin.

How can I lighten my skin naturally and permanently in Nigeria? ›

9 Natural Methods For Skin Lightening
  1. Lemon. Save. ...
  2. Honey. Honey contains alpha-hydroxy acids i ...
  3. Aloe Vera. Save. ...
  4. Yogurt. Yogurt is very commonly used as a remedy to eliminate excessive pigmentation. ...
  5. Cucumber. Save. ...
  6. Turmeric. ...
  7. Papaya. ...
  8. Orange Peel.
Mar 6, 2023

Why do babies born fair turn dark? ›

This is normal right after birth. In fact, most newborns have some acrocyanosis for their first few hours of life. It happens because blood and oxygen are circulating to the most important parts of the body, such as the brain, lungs, and kidneys rather than to the hands and feet.

Which baby oil makes skin fair? ›

HIMALAYA Baby Massage Oil | Best Baby Massage Oil For Fairness (pack of 3)200ml (600 ml)
Ideal Forbabies
Skin TypeAll Skin Type
2 more rows

What is the white cream on baby after birth? ›

Vernix caseosa is a white, creamy, naturally occurring biofilm covering the skin of the fetus during the last trimester of pregnancy. Vernix coating on the neonatal skin protects the newborn skin and facilitates extra-uterine adaptation of skin in the first postnatal week if not washed away after birth.

Which baby oils are suitable for fair skin? ›

1-48 of 186 results for "best baby massage oil for fairness"
  • Mamaearth Soothing Baby Massage Oil, with Sesame, Almond & Jojoba Oil - 200ml. ...
  • Amazon's Choice. ...
  • Sebamed Baby Massage Oil 150ml| Contains Soya Oil & Vitamin F |Non greasy | Does not solidify. ...
  • The Moms Co. ...
  • Best seller. ...
  • Himalaya Baby Massage Oil (200ml, White)


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